"We are passionate about fashion, health and wellness. Our purpose is to inspire you to reach your dreams of a more active, healthier and happier life. LIVE! is a lifestyle! Join us!"


Born in 2002 and working in the sportswear market, LIVE! was born with the main purpose to be the synonym of exclusive quality. LIVE! is known for high quality technology in it's products, with a focus on comfort and performance. It’s also a reference in the Brazilian sportswear market and features in each collection items with high functionality, style and design.


The brand which has its DNA in sports also develops two other collections for women's fashion: Beachwear and Casual.


The distinct style and exclusive prints are hits in gyms, dance, Pilates and yoga studios, but also have invaded the contemporary women's closet that combines fashion and functionality in your clothing. To represent it's lifestyle, LIVE! has chosen the fitness blogger Bella Falconi as the brand ambassador. The healthy lifestyle connected to the well being of Bella is in complete synergy with the brand’s purpose.  With  every new collection a  celebrity is chosen to be muse for the campaign and serves as inspiration to consumers.