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Working from home : organization and productivity tips

Are you working from home, but are unable to organize and consequently do not see the expected results? You are not alone, it happens more than you think!

Working from home has proven to be an economical and super practical. So, if you have been in this routine for some time, or if you started only a few weeks ago due to the quarantine, here are some tips that will help you to 'boost' your work routine:


Invest in the environment


We know, working from home probably means spending a lot of time sitting in front of a computer. So, invest in your work environment!

Mark your territory and keep it organized. If office desks are already messy easily, imagine when professional items often mix with personal items. Productive work only happens in productive environments. 

Also invest in materials - having an ergonomic and comfortable chair, in addition to a good computer, these items are essential. When you're uncomfortable, it's hard to be productive, isn't it?


Get organized


In the comfort of home, everything can become a source of distraction - family, friends, television, that notification on your cell phone - that's a fact. So, make an agenda and outline your work schedule. Also create a list of tasks and complete each item at once. Checking tasks, especially early in the day, makes your day look lighter and more productive!

TIP: Take 15-minute breaks and also set a lunch time. This way you guarantee opportunities to recharge your batteries.


Wear the right look


Pajamas? No way! Just as an environment and an organized schedule are important, the hair and clothes chosen for the work day also influence your productivity! Not to mention that emergency meeting that may appear or that surprise video call ... it's good to be prepared.

In addition, clothes help us understand the moment - if we are in pajamas we understand that it is time to sleep, if we are in a bikini we understand that we are going to the beach or pool. So, bet on a comfy look that you can stay at home, but that is also practical and stylish, perfect for any moment.

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