Model and actress Alinne Moraes is wearing Wideness 2019 outfit.

Wideness 2019

New collection LIVE !, Wideness 2019, arrives with the purpose  of rediscover and reconnect with your roots.


Wideness 2019

The new Wideness collection from LIVE! Instigates the observation of the moment, helping you rediscovering your roots, fullfil your purpose live out your destiny.


Wideness has multifunctional parts, versatile modeling and adapts to various

moments of life, walking organically among the pillars of LIVE! The new

sweatshirts, the 1980s inspiration in jackets and pants, wide-pantacourt pants and sets contain this collections footprint. The Wideness 2019 collection seeks to intensify the purpose of wellness and health.


Alinne Moraes

The star of the Wideness Collection campaign is the actress Alinne Moraes.



The four pillars of active wear - Workout, Wellness, Lifestyle and Performance - form a mix of urban and natural. They are built with the mix of contemporary and classic and ultra-realistic infused delicacy. The beachwear, kids and men lines also flirt with this universe.


Raw material

The novelties in fabrics are influenced by the natural fibers, being light and soft. The DNA

of the raw material is concentrated in medium and high compression mesh, but with elasticity and breathability, which guarantees comfort and softness in the contact with the skin.


Transparencies and textures

The big bet this winter is transparency in measure, textures, light nylon and citrus light points, which ensures a velvety and futuristic effect. The color palette plays with rosy romantic, dry bottle-green and light and medium blue tones, highlighting the purple and earthy, which represent the novelties we collect in the journey of life.


The stamping keeps the same language, with the immersion of foliage, outline mix and floral

hand-made, which gain a fresh and modern aesthetic. The photographic prints with urban aesthetics and luminous effects innovate the identity of the line in the stamping.



The Wideness 2019 collection is now available on the LIVE! Website and stores.