Rio de Janeiro is celebrated on LIVE! editorial by RIOetc and the duo

Rio de Janeiro is celebrated in LIVE! editorial by RIOetc and "Carioca" duo

Scene for major sporting events, the wonderful city is thriving in one of the most important sporting events of the world. And to celebrate this active, healthy and happy, lifestyle  LIVE! invited the trendy lifestyle RIOetc site to produce an editorial that is beyond special. Have you ever thought how wonderful it would be to mesh LIVE looks! with the charm of Rio de Janeiro? To complete the team, we call on Rio bloggers Mariana Reis and Fernanda Britto, and Carioca Duo , who together decided to wear the #TEAMLIVE! tee. You will be able to witness this perfect combination along with our famous hashtag #ILiveLIVE!  this Friday August 5th. You will see our brand in action at our stores, e-commerce websites and throughout all of our social media sites. But of course we couldn't hold it in and we will be giving you a sneak peak into this spread right here.

The Collaboration of Endless 2017 and RIOetc helps celebrates all the great things in life! Between the walk on the famous sidewalk of Ipanema, the bike ride by the "Lagoa" [lake] . The Carioca duo looked amazing in our exclusive looks.
The pictures helped capture the iconic locations of this wonderful city such as the Rodrigo de Freitas Lake and the well known "calcadao" of Ipanema. The LIVE! bag which is full of happiness and full of personality received a brighter glow  in this city.
Amazed by the looks, the duo quickly questiones when a LIVE! franchise would be opened in that city. And why not? they exclaimed and we let them know Rio was definitely on our radar. While LIVE! Rio has not arrived yet we can take advantage of the local vibe and spread this lifestyle that is light  and unpretentious but full of that charm that all in the Rio community have.

Ae the looks approved? Did you like anything special?

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a lifestyle website that portrays and celebrates the way to live in Rio de Janeiro . It was established in November 2007 by Renata Abranchs and James Petrik . She a  fashion consultant and he is a journalist. The record looks, which began as something possible , soon became a frenzied addiction. Interactivity with the street began to demand more and more and the desire to know only grew greater. He turned a behavioral research , and has included questions about what the Carioca listen to, eat, the places you go to the movies to watch - in short , how he lives and how it relates to this unique setting. Everything to do with LIVE !, awsome right? Learn more about them here:

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About the bloggers Double Carioca A blonde, the other brunette, but the two have much in common . " We are two locals we love Rio de Janeiro and all that surrounds it .  To think of this city, is to think of the beach, high spirits and a healthy lifestyle." The advertiser  Mariana Reis ( blonde ) and the designer Fernanda Britto have known each other for 10 years, since school , and have so much in common. The desire to explore the river , between sports, beaches, trails and events, gave rise to the Double Carioca blog. See more of the lifestyle of the double :