New research shows running develops neurons.

New research shows running develops neurons.

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Have you ever heard of the saying " Running is great to clear your mind"? Now this saying has just gained scientific basis. In a recent publication by researchers from the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, confirm that running is one of the best physical excersize  to develop neurons - besides all the other benefits of course.

Running not only is good for the mind but also for the soul. Expecially in LVE! Exclusive running collection.Understanding this New Study:The scientist choose 3 different rat focus groups. One built with runners, one with a group that lifted weights and lastly one that performed excersizes similar to crossfit. The only group that demonstrated a rise in the number brains cells was the first focus group. With these results they deduced that  the actual lifting of weights elevates the limit of an Athlete, also rising the level of the tension. Science has proven that with this factor limits neurogenesis in an adult life in of an individual. There are many things to consider before embarking on a running journey.  You have to maintain an open mind, a determined heart and maybe in the beginning some ice packs


Knowing where to begin Running:
Are you excited with this new discovery? So before beginning on that round of running you should jot down these 3 tips.
1.) Can anyone run? Yes if the individual truly wants to. But before thinking about preparing yourself for that next 5k you should consult with a doctor. He will be able to determine when and how you should begin this new excersize and if you are able and have the capacity to endure running.

2.) In case you have a cronic illness, or may longterm injury you should also seek medical  advice specializing in training for running. This way you will know which movements will give strength and resistance necessary for the activity.

3.) If you choose to train yourself, or if you can't seek medical advice its good to keep in mind that you should maintain moderate to lightweight  excersizes. With time endurance and strength will enable the act of running to become easier.

There you go, now its just keep the tips in mind, put on those running sneakers and keep firm towards the direction of a better healthier body. Run! Run!

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