Model Volleyball Miami 2017 and LIVE! together

Model Volleyball Miami 2017 and LIVE! together

On March 11th and 12th, Model Volleyball Miami 2017 was sponsored by LIVE! one more time. And to broadcast this party tournament we took our Team to South Beach, one of the most exciting beaches in the city! While Spring Break was happening (the famous American party that filled the streets), there were lots of beautiful people on the beach sands, vibrant uniforms and fun.

Live! Uniforms

LIVE! Sponsored the uniforms of the 15 US top model agencies, with unique prints from the new ENERGY collection. The color palette was perfect matching the blue sky and the happiness of the people. On the first day, there was stretching, games, shows and a lot of enthusiasm in the tents of the sponsors. LIVE! Set up a very cool booth, and there were people selling uniforms, clothes from the new ENERGY collection and also an instant photo booth, which also produced cool GIFFS.

Attractions of the Event

For those who like excitement, the Model Volleyball Miami stage had important attractions such as XOXO, Yesjulz and also the rapper Travis Scott, who rocked the audience by throwing water up and getting everyone to jump. Among the audience, the Youtuber Taylor Caniff, the Rapper Flo Rida, the American football player, Rob Gronkowski, champion of the Patriots, among others, also attended the event.
The second day had a great final game between the teams of the agencies: DAS and RUNWAYS. Coincidence or not, both teams wore green LIVE! uniforms! it was a tight game, with the Runways taking the trophy home, a trip to Haiti and still LIVE! looks.

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