LIVE REVERSIBLE double sided pants have just arrived!

LIVE REVERSIBLE double sided pants have just arrived!

Have you ever imagined pants that you can wear in many different ways? That's the the advantage of the new REVERSIBLE double-sided pants from LIVE!. The 2 in 1 legging will take you from work to the gym, from Pilates to the mall, without losing the style, comfort and charm!

After all, what is the REVERSIBLE double sided pants?


LIVE! REVERSIBLE pants are two sided prints in a double sided product. One side is jeans, the other is graphic print. Which means, 1 pant, 2 looks.


The advantages of REVERSIBLE


Besides being two-in-one pants, the REVERSIBLE is light, soft, and comfortable, it has Easy Care technology, malleability and thermal balance.

It is great for traveling because it takes up less space in the suitcase and still is a great investment because the print jeans from LIVE! which is very urban (and a success!), You have another stylish print to use in many places.

The REVERSIBLE double sided pants still value the shape of the body with waistband that supports without tightening and with high compression.


Three prints options


The REVERSIBLE double sided pants come with three prints options. The Reversible Washed City Jeans Legging: With light denim, print on the other side the classic black and white, and always trendy.

The Reversible Dark Street Jeans Legging: With the darkest denim print coupled with the sophistication of colors.

And the Reversible Asian Tiger Tight: As the name says, the tiger print and the light jeans as options. All available in sizes S, M and L

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The REVERSIBLE double sided pants from LIVE! are already available in our e-commerce and in the franchises. Click here and get the must have items for this season!