Bella Falconi - Legging: A Guide For Every Body Type

Legging: A Guide For Every Body Type

Patterns, fabrics, colors and prints… Here is a guide to help you choose the right legging for your body type. Check it out


It is a mistake to think that  workout leggings are all the same, just gym clothes. Much more than just a training piece, legging is an essential for composing practical, comfortable and stylish looks for your everyday life!


Quality Material

The first step in choosing the right pair of  leggings is to opt for a quality piece. The look is important, but knowing about the details of the piece is E S S E N T I A L!


LIVE!  has styles that value your shape and fabrics with technologies that take care of your body. Enhancing your performance of physical activities even more. In addition, it has reversible parts - with double-sided pieces that can be use two different ways. Pretty cool huh?



We know that each person is unique, that each body is different. Also, each one has their own preferences but by following these tips we are sure that you will rock these pieces. Check out!


If you have thin legs

Invest in leggings with a lot of detail, such as prints or horizontal cutouts that form lighter blocks of color in the front, giving a visual effect of greater volume.


Check out here a selection of leggings made for this biotype!



If you have thick legs

Bet on leggings with dark colors like black and navy! Details below the knee line are also great for disguising, bringing the eye's attention to that region. If you want to get out of basics, the side cutouts give your look a BOOST.


Check out here a selection of leggings made for you!




To taller look

One-color leggings with vertical details on the sides are ideal options to lengthen the silhouette! Higher waist models also help you stretch - Combine with a matching top or  any other top.


Check out here a selection of leggings made for you!


To look shorter

Are you on the taller side? Choose leggings with waistband of different color or shorter length, such as capris for example.


Check out here a selection of leggings made for you!


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