How to choose a top for your workout. This model of the performance line is indicated for sports with auto impact.

How to choose a top for your workout.

Choosing the right top for your workout is not just an aesthetic question. Of course we are very encouraged to wear a beautiful top however did you know that choosing the right clothing is essential to maintaining the health of your breasts?
Importance of choosing the right top
Michelle Norris, an exercise biochemical specialist and senior researcher at the Research Group in Breast Health at the University of Portsmouth in England, explains that breasts move in three dimensions. "Up and down; into and out of the rib cage; and laterally. In excess, this can impair posture in physical activity, cause pain and limit sports practice. "
Physical activities X sagging breasts
According to a University of Portsmouth a study published on Living Well website, the breasts' oscillation during a physical activity such as running can reach up to 21 cm - regardless of breast sizes. This movement can cause discomfort during or after physical activity and, in the long run, cause sagging. "That's because it can affect Cooper's ligaments, tissues responsible for keeping her breasts firm."
How to prevent sagging
There are two simple ways to prevent sagging in the breasts generated by mechanical reasons. The first is to use a suitable top for sports practice. The other is to invest in pectoral muscle strengthening exercises.
How to choose the right top?
Three important features should be evaluated when choosing the top: the design, the bracket and the fit. The top should be very firm and provide good support to the breasts, so they do not move during the activity. But the fitting should be perfect to the point of not squeezing too much. This is because a very tight top can impair blood circulation and limit movement, as explained by Rodrigo Brochetto, sports doctor at the University of São Paulo, who attends the Care Club clinic in São Paulo in an interview with Bem Estar. Hint: While in the store tasting your top, take a run or jumps to get an idea of ​​the support provided by the top.
Wide and adjustable shoulder straps are the most recommended for large breasts. Models "capsule", that have clasps in the back are also recommended.
Medium and small breasts
Zipless and compression tops are best suited for those who have small to medium breasts.
Type of activity
Tops with higher lift are indicated for activities with greater impact like race, soccer and crossfit. Activities like tennis and pedaling ask for top with average sustentation. Already activities like Pilates and yoga ask for less support and even more comfort. For bodybuilding are indicated swimmer-style tops or with the X-shaped shoulder straps that relieve shoulder overload.
Fabrics like polyamide and elastane are cooler and softer for activities that generate more heat and friction. Models with denser fabrics like cotton make it difficult for the skin to breathe and accumulate sweat. Buy it now! Find your top on the LIVE site! or LIVE! near to you!