Five tips to train for a race outside of the gym.

Five tips to train for a race outside of the gym.

So you decided to put into practice that New Year's resolution to start practicing physical activity. Even thrilled with our post on tips to start running. But do you just do it in the gym and need some tips to train out?

Then come check out how to train away from the treadmill!

Tips for training to race out of the gym

First of all it is important to remember to choose
the best places and times. Especially for us women,
are very important factors to take into account.

Choose streets and busiest and have sidewalk in good condition.
In some places there is also a bike path or shared cycle path.
It is also important to take hydration, even if it is to take before and after training
if you do not want to take the water with you. However, if it is very hot, it is safer to take with you. Believe me, you will.
Already prepared to leave the house? So check out our tips:
Headphones in one ear only

Do you like to train listening to music? Me too! Did you know that music
raises the levels of pleasure while practicing physical activity, in addition to decreasing the sensation of pain and fatigue?
So choose that inspirational playlist and go to the track! But remember,
listen in low volume and with the handset in only one of your ears to be able to pay attention to the movement of cars, bicycles and other corridors around you.
Run in the opposite direction to cars

Prefer to run in the opposite direction of the cars. This will make it easier to see if any cars will do the conversion.
Cross the street behind the cars

Also important to cross the streets behind the cars and motorcycles that
want to do some conversion. Just because you are in the opposite direction of traffic, many drivers will not see you crossing the street.
Take an ID

Always carry some identification with you. In addition to identity or driver's license, you will find special identification wristbands on the market for outdoor sports such as running, swimming and pedal. They contain full name, blood type, emergency numbers and other information about special health conditions.
Athletic track training

If you are training at an athletic track, pay attention to the location label. Slower corridors on the right (outside) lanes and faster corridors on the left (on the inside of the lane) as it is in traffic.


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