3 Female Athletes We Admire

3 Female Athletes We Admire

A multitalented track-and-field star. A world-champion volleyball player. An Olympic soccer pro. These three amazing athletes are talented, turbo-charged, and all-around top-notch women. Whether you play sports or push the pavement, turn to Jessica, Christa, and Alex for a dose of fit-and-proud motivation.


Jessica Ennis-Hill, Heptathlete

The British track-and-field star and 2012 Olympic gold medalist has been battling her way back from injury in hopes of making another Olympic appearance in Rio in 2016. An advocate for empowering women, she often speaks out about the lack of healthy, fit female role models in the public sphere. A heptathlon combines seven events across two days of competition. Anyone want to test out her training regimen?!

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Christa Harmotto Dietzen, Women’s U.S. Volleyball Team Captain

Olympic silver medalist Dietzen leads the U.S. team that last year claimed the World Volleyball Championship in China and is hard at work preparing for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Known for her charisma, charm, and positive energy on and off the court, she’s proof that hard work and dedication yield major rewards.

photo credit: jamthegym.com; christadietzen.com

Alex Morgan, American soccer star

The Olympic gold medalist and pro star is one of the brightest stars of U.S. women’s soccer. A goal-scoring machine and elegant forward on the field, she is fast, strong, agile, and strong—a perfect example of how the human body can perform in top condition and under extreme pressure. She’s even authored a series of young-adult books called The Kicks, about believing in yourself and working as a team.

photo credit: ken jones; alexmorgan.com