How to Ace the Athleisure Trend. Model is wearing  LIVE! outfit.

How to Ace the Athleisure Trend







The latest style movement is all about working hard and playing hard—two things we can’t get enough of! Beyoncé. Rhianna. Kate Hudson. Naomi Watts. All of the Victoria’s Secret models. The most stylish and fit women rocking the stage and magazine covers today have embraced the growing athleisure trend, which focuses on luxurious but functional, gym-to-street athletic wear.



And why not? Great workout clothing should be flattering, comfortable, and cool enough to wear long after your sweat session has ended. It’s all about bright pops of neon and vibrant patterns—just like Live!’s graphic Flexar prints—and lots of layering.


Here are four perfect Live Clothing! après-sport combos.

+          +    

      Active Flexar Top                Active Basic Legging               Neon Action T-Shirt


     +     +  

      Active Jumpsuit                    Hard Fit Live! Jacket               Sense Visor



              +    +   +

Dance Gloss Skort                          Comfort T-Shirt                   Cover-up Bottom   



    +        +    

       Active Flexar Top                Active Flexar Capris               Active Tella Shirt