Ladies Be Crazy: Spice Up Your Routine with 3 Wild Workouts

Ladies Be Crazy: Spice Up Your Routine with 3 Wild Workouts

Staying fit is serious business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t—and shouldn’t—be fun. And with more inventive, adventurous fitness classes out there than ever before, you’re sure to find a workout that you can’t wait to do again and again. Check out some of the coolest ways people are keeping smoking-hot across the country.



Think of this wild-and-crazy sport as a track-and-field obstacle course laid out across whatever urban, outdoor environment you’re in. It might sound a bit dangerous, but with academies in pretty much every major city, from Miami to L.A., you can learn the proper techniques for vaulting over objects and propelling your body into midair as you sprint around a circuit. If you find traditional jogging a bit of a snooze, this will get your engine racing.




Do you ever find yourself thinking: I just want to dance!? Then you need to try Daybreaker, the early-morning dance party phenomenon that’s spreading its happy vibes across the world. (It’s currently in L.A., San Francisco, New York, and Atlanta, with more locations to come.) The concept was founded to give people an outlet for grooving and sweating it out on the dance floor without the nightlife hassles of cover fees, long lines, and drunk club patrons. Sign up to receive notice of a dance or yoga event, and dance yourself all the way to the office.



Steal the fitness secrets of those who paddle out every morning. Surfset classes let you ride the waves on dry land, challenging your body through rotational core training and isometric instability (which essentially means: balancing is really hard work!). Various programs focus on key areas including flexibility, stability, cardio, and strength building to deliver the lean, tight surfer’s physique.